These 7 Los Angeles Charities Need Your Donations

Endless entertainment, delicious food, and beautiful beaches. It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is one of the premier destinations in the United States. 

It’s also no surprise that California is one of the most expensive places to live, and many struggle to make ends meet. Charity organizations in our community work nonstop to serve the less fortunate in Los Angeles, and they need your financial support.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank 

For over 50 years, the Los Angeles Food Bank has been serving the people of LA County. With one in five people in the area experiencing food insecurity, the regional food bank fills in the gaps by providing food in the form of hot meals given out at multiple locations throughout the community and well-stocked pantries where individuals can take what they need. Every dollar given to the Los Angeles County Food Bank makes a real difference. $100 can supply 400 meals to food-insecure citizens of LA. 

Address: 1734 E 41st St, Los Angeles, CA 90058


I Have A Dream Foundation

Education has always been one of the best ways to achieve success, and the I Have A Dream Foundation – Los Angeles is making sure all kids have a chance to succeed. Inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this foundation provides scholarships and educational support to youth so they have the support they need to graduate from their school programs. The I Have a Dream Foundation continues its support for these kids long after they walk across the graduation stage. It’s not uncommon for kids in the program to still receive help up to 10 years after they complete their education. 

Address: 3580 Wilshire Blvd #720, Los Angeles, CA 90010



Baby2Baby’s mission is simple: feed and diaper every child in Los Angeles County. However, this is no small feat and they need all the help they can get. Baby2Baby has provided millions of diapers, clothing, bottles, and other basic items to infants in need since its inception over a decade ago. Baby2Baby has the backing of several high-profile investors, including Ciara and Jessica Alba. The foundation is grateful for the support of donors like you who contribute funds that are used to purchase baby items and continue taking care of Los Angeles County’s little residents. 

Address: 5830 W. Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016


Harvest Home LA

Pregnant women are unfortunately especially vulnerable to homelessness and housing insecurity. Harvest Home LA seeks to be a refuge for these women and their children by offering shelter to accommodate pregnant women in crisis. Of course, these women and their children need and deserve more than a warm bed, so Harvest Home goes a step further to provide parenting classes, meals, and therapy services to these women in need. Harvest Home LA is currently seeking donations to build an additional shelter and expand its mission’s reach. 

Address: 2118 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403


Southern California Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder affecting thousands of Californians. The Southern California Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society works with individuals with MS and their families to provide financial support for vital health care treatments. One of the primary ways the organization achieves this is by hosting fundraisers for families affected by MS. Not having to worry about keeping clothes on their backs or food on their tables can go a long way in helping someone in their fight against MS. You can donate cash or your time to the Southern California Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

Address: 5150 W. Goldleaf Circle Ste. 400 Los Angeles, CA 90056


The People Concern

The People Concern is concerned with one thing: making sure no one has to live on the streets or in unsafe conditions. In the past few years alone, The People Concern has helped tens of thousands of people escape homelessness, poverty, and addiction by connecting them with programs and resources that meet them where they are. One of the organization’s biggest initiatives is the recent completion of a 78-unit housing facility called Pico Square. All of these efforts are only made possible by donations of cash or non-monetary items that go directly to supporting LA’s most vulnerable residents. 

Address: 2116 Arlington Ave # 100, Los Angeles, CA 90018


Joseph Learning Lab

Joseph Learning Lab knows that education can’t stop when the last bell rings. That’s why the team of volunteers here operates a free after-school tutoring program to make sure kids from under-served backgrounds receive the educational support they need. Lessons and learning objectives are tailored to each child so they get exactly what they need to stay on track and excel in school. Joseph Learning Lab also runs a summer program to ensure kids don’t fall behind while school is out. Donations to this organization keep these services free to children and their families. 

Address: Signal Hill, CA 90755

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