Put Your Home on the Market

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Now that your home has been prepared, it’s time to get the word out! We’ll spend a little bit of time preparing all of the marketing materials for your home, then we’ll get everything listed in spectacular fashion!

Take Professional Photos and Produce an Enticing Writeup 

This is a simple step yet extremely important step. The key here is to present a clear image of your home for its future owners. Because your house has been cleaned, repaired, and staged, capturing professional photos is easy. We will also produce an enticing writeup that will help build an image for prospective buyers.

Market Through Multiple Channels

There are several channels we will utilize to list your home, from a simple sign outside your door, printed flyers in the entry, to a comprehensive online listing complete with a social media presence. We will take advantage of all channels and adjust our strategy with the market.

Schedule Viewings and Open Houses

Once your home is listed, it’s time to allow potential buyers to visit your home. This will help them decide if the property suits their wants and needs. Our electronic lockbox system keeps a list of all visitors so we can easily follow up with them for feedback.